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Social Platform

We have a social networking platform where you can talk to other people on our platform. Maybe you want to throw a house welcoming party? Create local Picnic events? Local football game nearby? Interact with your neighbourhood. Find the best people to team up with, owneroom today.


Owneroom is built on our marketplace dedicated to our co-buyers, co-investors and sellers to easily enable them find each other. Like-minded buyers and investors can meetup for the first time ever!

Investment Portfolio

Team up with other investors and invest in multiple properties if that's what you want. Team up with 2 people or 10 people. We assist you in contract agreements for your investment property by equally distributing the rental income gain across all co-investors.


First Home Buyer Assistance

We're here for you. We'll make sure you get the low-down for all things Govt grants, and take you through the hoops of securing your co-loan!

Buyer's Incentive

Best interest rates, quick & reliable access to owning your property (room). No need throw years of hard-earned money away on rent - own your room, your asset stays with you and you can stay with your asset (or lease it out). When you're ready to move out of a split property, sell your room or lease it out on our platform!

Seller's Incentive

Access to large buying market & we help you market through our site. We can recommend a price for you. We can help with the initial contract of sale or conveyancing process.

Stop Renting. Start Owning.

Just out in the workforce? Can’t afford a full mortgage? Team up and own your room today. Sell or lease it off once you’re ready to move out to your own place.

Cheapest Interest Rates

We find you the best mortgage interest rates. Just get the leader of your co-owner group to send us your home loan property share bank application once your co-owner group is ready to lay down each of their hard-earned deposits and are ready to commit together! How exciting, you're nearly there!

Personal and Property Profile Pages

Manage your properties on our platform. Chat to potential sellers, buyers or investors. Look at your returns. Even if you have no intention to sell, create an account, upload your property and see how much it's worth with our algorithm - all for free.

So, what do you do now?

Checkout our blog to know more about our origins.


Register your interest

Whether you are looking to sell or buy, register your interest today. We will send you goodies when we launch!


Contact us

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to email us at [email protected]! We would love to hear from you.



We are launching our brand new platform in 2018. Be on the lookout, check your email inbox for us by then!