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Own. Why rent?

We’re a housing and social marketplace where co-buyers, co-investors and property sellers alike can all meet each other to co-own or sell property with. Each buyer owns their room and for investor scenarios, investors own a percentage of a property. We understand that something in the housing market had to give and passionately believe this is the best step forward. πŸ™‚ 🏠🏑 Proudly made in Australia, πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί but going global. 🌏😏

Co-buyers can then either live in the house together, lease it out and equally split the rental income or sell their share of the property anytime they want on our platform.

We aim to find the best interest rates for you and your group. We also help you market your property (room) on our platform and help you with your DIY property or room listing.


To enable buyers for the first time ever to own their individual rooms at a fraction of a traditional mortgage rather than the need to rent. This also allows us to give sellers and investors more options than ever before.

We know how hard and expensive it is to enter the property market, and how painful it is to find the right property, the mortgage application process, getting insurance, property tax and stamp duty. All those necessary tasks. So we are here to simplify all of that for you. All you need to worry about is paying off your mortgage. We help you deal with the rest.

Fun Facts

Why the Australian market needs Owneroom

60 %

Bank Loans are Mortgages

6.2 Trillion

Australian Housing Industry

90 %

of young Australians can't afford a mortgage

1 in 12

Australians own an Investment property

1 Million

is the average Sydney house price

7 Years

of working before someone can think about mortgages

90 %

of Australian fear future generations won't be able to buy a home

120 k

in rent money is wasted, before someone decides to own.

So what is the benefit of Owneroom?

Our platform let's you find eager like-minded co-buyers to co-own a property with. Instead of paying rent for 10 years before owning, why not own straight away, then sell that room once you're ready to move out of a shared property? That way, you will be up on average 140k than you would renting.

PS: We will provide assistance on producing Co-ownership contracts.