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Why We Started Owneroom
"I didn’t want to rent closer to work because I had a long-term goal of owning, so the struggle was real for me and like many MANY others out there - I also suffer from a chronic condition which causes fatigue more often than not, so the commute always felt that I was spending vastly more amounts of my energy commuting to/from work, this eventually led to me leaving my highly regarded job - the people were awesome, humble, the role was... Read More

Banks Are Out of Touch With Buyers
Martin Place Station is where most of the large corporations are based at. So it is no wonder why CBA decides to promote mortgages there to vulnerable First Home Buyers. You can see it everywhere in that station. In fact, you can see it on buses. Ads about property. But there is something banks or any other mortgage/real estate related fintech startup don't understand about the property industry. Something that only us here at Owneroom understand. They are only there for you... Read More

Young Australians Priced Out of Housing Market
There is a great article by Bloomberg you can read here. This is the first line in that article: "Home ownership among young Australians has fallen to the lowest level on record, as an explosive property boom squeezes out all but the wealthiest." "Supercharged by record low interest rates, a lack of supply and a tax system that favors property investors, home prices have surged more than 140 percent in the past 15 years, propelling Sydney past London and New York to... Read More